Alejandra Osejo-Varona

I am a Colombian anthropologist with extensive experience in interdisciplinary research.

My training and research experience are linked to environmental conflicts, biodiversity, and water conservation. I studied Anthropology at Universidad del Cauca, in Popayán (Colombia).There, I worked as a lecturer at Universidad del Cauca, Fundación Universitaria de Popayán and Universidad Nacional Abierta y Distancia.

I also participated in various research projects at Universidad del Cauca about the effects of the country’s armed conflict on campesinos, Indigenous and Afro-descendant people involving ecological and health aspects. In parallel, I became acquainted with community organizations to support their processes with my academic skills. Then, motivated by interdisciplinary dialogues, I studied a MSc in Rural Development at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, funded by a grant from the Brazilian government.

Upon returning to Colombia, I worked at the Instituto Humboldt, the national research institute linked in charge of advising policymaking on biodiversity and ecosystem services in the country. At this Institute, I researched the conflicts and tensions derived from exclusionary conservation policies in the Colombian high mountain. Also, I developed projects about sustainable use of the forest, processes of community tourism, exchanges between traditional and scientific knowledge systems, and sustainable agricultural developments based on local knowledge.

Currently, I am studying a Ph.D. in Anthropology, focused on Environmental Anthropology, Social Studies of Science and Technology, Critical Cartography, and Experimental Ethnography.